Making of office 3d rendering

How we made the 3d rendering interior office

3d rendering

the final image



Inspiration & Concept

We do a few photo-real 3d recreation projects from time to time by chosen Architects / Projects that we have seen on various websites.

this is my starting point of creating the photo-real 3D for studying and experimenting with interior architectural visualization.




3D Modeling

We  started building up the model based on information we found on Archdaily website. we always use basic geometries, which will be converted to editable Poly afterward.

Once the main structure was done, We started adding some details step-by-step as shown in images below.



At this stage, We have applied more details to the model as much as possible to create realistic renders.



Rendering / Post process



We used Corona Render for this project because It’s straightforward to use, flexible to adjustable. It delivers fast rendering with great result!

Below are the two settings we used.

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